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Ways to Speed Up Your Computer in 60 Minutes Or Less

What are the 5 best ways to speed up your computer performance? There are great people who work and they are here.

Step # 1) Get rid of "automatic" loading programs

This could be the most important step of all. These things are killers. Believe it or not, many of these things you've downloaded forget 2 years ago - and everything that starts automatically with your system.

Obviously, most current programs ... be slower to boot the PC and eventually executed. I guarantee you that you're eliminating 90% of environmental impacts and none of the poor.

Step # 2) Increase your RAM

It is superfluous ... But by removing all unused files from your hard drive is one of the most effective methods to increase system performance. More memory is available, the proper functioning of all.

But all my files are important!

I doubt that. One would think they most need them, but I can say with certainty that you share what you will not be used during the last 6 months SHOCKED.

Probably you'll probably only 10-20% of cases in hand. This is one of the 5 best ways to measure the speed of your computer on the planet.

STEP # 3) "Defragment" your files

This principle can organize your programs in a better system so that the computer can not find what he needs ... if she needs it.

Over time, your programs can be confusing at the end ... and it is very difficult for the PC to find them. Defragment worries.

STEP 4) Search VIRUS #

Often, people find their system after it has infected too late. Not let this happen to you.
The truth is that the slow system is often a warning sign that the early stages of a virus. If you take these things only get worse.

Just load a respected anti-virus software and let it work its "magic.

Usually, they will send you a free scan ... But you pay for really getting rid of the virus. I suggest you bite the bullet and do it, it's a great mall of the cost and benefits for your system, it is worth.

But be careful

I strongly recommend you avoid, 100% free software, they are either totally useless, and probably outright scams. Why should we take time to develop it anyway?

Often, these scams have to draw users in. .. inspection and when the antivirus software download you also get spyware "side" with him.

Sometimes you will not see until your computer is shut down, or your identity has been stolen. This is why it is so important to stay with reputable companies.

STEP # 5) Get rid of desktop icons "

It is so much for your peace of mind for your system. Remember: "icons" take himself a little space, even without the program.

Obviously, getting rid of the program is important as well ... But even if you plan to keep some files, only the removal of symbols may remove flexibility. Implement these 5 ways to speed up your computer and you will see a big boost soon.

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